Acting with Words

A few weeks ago I had to opportunity to work with a professional voice actor. “Work” doesn’t feel like the right word because I didn’t have to re-write anything after we met up. I basically just handed over the script that I worked on with the creative director and after a quick powwow with the sound engineer they hit record. I only had to butt in to point out a couple typos and word clarifications. It was awesome. We had a fun scramble trying to figure out how to correctly pronounce some European and Asian brand names that none of us had ever heard of. I even tried to dial Sweden directly, but Verizon wasn’t having it.¬†

Voice acting is a profession that I’ve always found fascinating. It probably stems from growing up on cartoons, commercials, and a growing appreciation for documentaries and how people use voice over w/ good b-roll shots. Everyone’s got a funny voice or two, but some people are definitely on another level.








Daniel Considine’s accent reel



“I Know That Voice” documentary trailer



Digital One
Daniel Considine (video above)
Kamp Grizzly