A few weeks ago I had to opportunity to work with a professional voice actor. “Work” doesn’t feel like the right word because I didn’t have to re-write anything after we met up. I basically just handed over the script that I worked on with the creative director and after a quick powwow with the sound engineer they hit record. I only had to butt in to point out a couple typos and word clarifications. It was awesome. We had a fun scramble trying to figure out how to correctly pronounce some European and Asian brand names that none of us had ever heard of. I even tried to dial Sweden directly, but Verizon wasn’t having it. 

Voice acting is a profession that I’ve always found fascinating. It probably stems from growing up on cartoons, commercials, and a growing appreciation for documentaries and how people use voice over w/ good b-roll shots. Everyone’s got a funny voice or two, but some people are definitely on another level.








Daniel Considine’s accent reel



“I Know That Voice” documentary trailer



Digital One
Daniel Considine (video above)
Kamp Grizzly


Some of you already know this, but in November of 2012 I went from “rags to riches” as far as my living situation in Portland goes. I moved from a total dump to an awesome house that just so happened to be occupied by some amazing individuals. I’ve been exposed to some pretty awesome things because of them, made some new friends, and was even reunited with an old one. 

Among other things, these people sure know how to PARTY. There was a co-birthday party thrown at our house that was lovingly dubbed as ToddaPaulooza. I’ll spare the details, but as the night wore on instruments were picked up and an impromptu jam session turned into over 2 straight hours of music. I recorded some of this and made a little audio cut. Most of the people playing and singing are professional musicians so this doesn’t do them justice, but hey…it was a party.




Just People Music
Worth Music
Phil Bondy


Yup, you read that correctly.

Eddie hasn’t been around much in recent years, and perhaps this explains why. He’s been busy jamming in the studio making a pleasantly surprisingly  track w/ the help of none other but the Doggfather himself, Snoop Lion.

Pretty stoked to see Snoop wearing a Blazers jersey in the video even though it’s probably more of a weed pun fashion statement than supporting Rip City. Whatever, I’ll take it.



Parodies are fun until everyone and their dog starts doing them.







This sure fire method of strategy and execution will get you internet famous and onto the front pages of Reddit and Buzzfeed in no time.

Any questions?





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32 Things You’ll Totally Need When You Go Camping

grill gif photo grill.gif


I don’t care what the inventor says. It’s a hard G. Aint no peanut butter rhyming with graphic interchange format.


I finally ordered this book the other day that I’ve been meaning to read. I recall shuffling my order quite a bit at the last moment to add and remove a handful of impulse items that were in the cart. Something tells me that I shuffled them a little too much. I looked at my receipt hoping that the mighty Amazon had somehow screwed up and gave me a second copy for free, but apparently I was asking for it. I rarely read a book a 2nd time, but now I guess if I want to with this one it can be a fresh copy. 









This tribute video goes out to Drake.

His story of starting from the bottom now we here is truly an inspirational tale and something that we all can learn and grow from. Not just as artists and human beings, but as whole fucking team.



This video was partially inspired by the following standup from Chris D’Elia






Back in middle school my friends and I would write letters during class and pass them amongst our circle of friends throughout the week. The girls would typically write gossip chain letters that the boys weren’t allowed to see. My guy friends and I would draw cartoons, write jokes, and make lists. We were pretty much the orignal Buzzfeed.

Well, apparently my buddy Cris had saved some of the letters and the other day he sent me one.




“Things Wrong with the Music Industry”

1.) If Blink 182 is so punk, then why do they play at the MTV Music Awards? I guess it’s the punk thing to do.

2.) Papa Roach is so hardcore that they’re musical guests at the Billboard Music Awards.

3.) Metallica loves their fans so much that they make their fans buy their CD’s instead of downloading them. And all of their “fans” that download their stuff are being sued by the band so they can make more $

4.) Korn sold out so much that they’re getting a deal with Kelloggs to be on the cereal box instead of the Rooster.

5.) Limp Bizkit. You can blame those guys for everything. Making rap metal trendy, spreading gay, ruining people’s taste in music. But most of all thinking to themselves that they’re not sell outs. Hey Fred, take a look in the mirror. “Gimp Dipzhit!”

6.) Will the real Slim Shady SHUT THE FUCK UP!

7.) When WHAM broke up it seemed like everything went straight to hell.


I definitely had the music industry figured out at the ripe old age of 13. I actually still agree with most of what I wrote, but you can definitely see the adolescence as a contributing factor. Whatever the case, I hope kids are still doing stuff like this before the inevitable laptops and smart phones creep into their lives.





I’m embarrassed and somewhat proud that I managed to have a NetFlix DVD for over a year without watching it. I’m not exactly sure where the pride part comes from. It’s not that I was too cool or too busy to watch the film, but I just kept forgetting that I had it. I had originally picked the movie because I wanted to force my old roommate to watch it after I found out he liked Sam Rockwell in the movie Moon. Sure enough he wouldn’t watch it and I was too stubborn to send it back until he would.  It sat on top of the bookshelf by the TV for about 6 months until I moved to Portland where it sat on different bookshelves for another 7 months. 

I’m still terrible about sending in the new discs, but I have since seen 3 movies (Inception, There Will Be Blood, The Muppets) so that’s a huge improvement. Baby steps… 




Confessions of a Dangerous Mind IMDB


So it turns out I’m even more internet famous than I had ever imagined.

I watched the documentary Beautiful Losers last week and my birthdate magically popped up in one of the scenes. I had a quick “holy shit” moment and then scrambled to pause it and take the fine screenshot you see below. I told my parents about it and my dad claims that they induced labor on that exact date because of the documentary. I’m pretty sure he was kidding, but I love the reassurance of where my sarcastic side comes from.

I’d give the movie an 8 out of 11. I didn’t know about most of the artists it featured so it was cool to see their work. I heard about the movie from geeking out on old skateboard videos on YouTube and found a connection to Ed Templeton. He’s one of the main subjects in the film, and a total badass. The movie has a heavy connection to skateboarding in general and Ed has been a notable artist + pro skateboarder for many years.

Anyways, you should probably watch the movie, especially if you ever need some DIY inspiration or just want to get nostalgic about 90’s art in big cities.

















There’s also a really cool segment in the film where they talk about the crossover and demand for these artists to get involved with mainstream advertising. I remember getting a kick out of this spot from Mike Mills a few years back. It’s still pretty funny.




Beautiful Losers IMDB