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A hero took rare found footage of Bill Murray from a 1982 laserdisc and posted it on YouTube.



This tribute video goes out to Drake.

His story of starting from the bottom now we here is truly an inspirational tale and something that we all can learn and grow from. Not just as artists and human beings, but as whole fucking team.



This video was partially inspired by the following standup from Chris D’Elia






I just stumbled upon the BigThink YouTube page and have been traveling down a wonderful wormhole of entertaining, smart, short and sweet videos. Here are a few of my favs so far.





This has been one of my favorite commercials for a few months now. Asus brand computers has one of those names that makes you guess how it’s supposed to be pronounced. You recognize it by reading the name, but not necessarily when you hear it. 

“hEY-SOOS” ?
“A – S – U – S” ?

This video clears up any irregularities in the pronunciation so the viewer can actually know what the brand is called. That should probably be your step 1 in brand recognition.

This isn’t just another funny commercial w/ sex appeal, it actually has good information!
 It has the eye candy & the comedy, but it actually works as a good ad because they clearly tell how to pronounce the product. ASUS is only four letters, but generated a lot of confusion for what the company was actually called. Image if we were calling Nike —“Nicky” or Carmel — “Caramel”

When they do their lines during the mispronunciation they also do a good job clearly saying “us” and not “es” which adds a nice layer of maturity to the otherwise ass humor of the joke.

It finishes even better w/ the nice product shots and the fact that they sold over 30 million products last year. 

Good stuff This shows that commercials can genuinely be funny and still be worth while. Definitely some clever writing here.

Asus computers