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This tribute video goes out to Drake.

His story of starting from the bottom now we here is truly an inspirational tale and something that we all can learn and grow from. Not just as artists and human beings, but as whole fucking team.



This video was partially inspired by the following standup from Chris D’Elia






I’m embarrassed and somewhat proud that I managed to have a NetFlix DVD for over a year without watching it. I’m not exactly sure where the pride part comes from. It’s not that I was too cool or too busy to watch the film, but I just kept forgetting that I had it. I had originally picked the movie because I wanted to force my old roommate to watch it after I found out he liked Sam Rockwell in the movie Moon. Sure enough he wouldn’t watch it and I was too stubborn to send it back until he would.  It sat on top of the bookshelf by the TV for about 6 months until I moved to Portland where it sat on different bookshelves for another 7 months. 

I’m still terrible about sending in the new discs, but I have since seen 3 movies (Inception, There Will Be Blood, The Muppets) so that’s a huge improvement. Baby steps… 




Confessions of a Dangerous Mind IMDB


I just stumbled upon the BigThink YouTube page and have been traveling down a wonderful wormhole of entertaining, smart, short and sweet videos. Here are a few of my favs so far.