Gerber – S.H.O.T. Show


Gerber wanted to bring their new and improved brand experience to Las Vegas. Utilizing content gathered during the American Expedition we were able to continue the spirit of the campaign by integrating it directly into the trade show environment. The entire booth echoed the brand’s voice while remaining functional for their employees to demonstrate products and conduct business meetings. 


3D Design Concept



Mobile HQ + Tradeshow Event Layout







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Mutt Industries:

Steve Luker – creative director
Mike McCommon – creative director
Kristin Postill Webb – account director
Chris Lawson – Producer
Scott Fox – Producer
Jason Schwartz – Project Manager
Claiborne Colombo – art director + lead designer
Shaun Mendiola – photographer + designer
Tim O’Brien – art director + designer
Ryan Wesley Peterson – designer
David Zavertnik – art director + designer