I hate to be that critical writer guy…

But I have to call this out because after reading this several times in the classified section I’ve determined that it’s some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen printed in a classified section. And I’d like to think that I’ve been to some pretty obscure parts of the internet in my day.





This print ad is from our good friends at McMenamins, a Northwest staple well-known for their mediocre food, decent beer, consistently shitty service, but totally awesome environments.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had the pleasure of making the rounds at several McMenamins locations around Oregon, and I’ve always had a good time. I’ll continue to hit them up if and when the moment is right, but I’ve passed the point of lying to myself about the quality of their food and flagship beers. Their overall brand and most pub locations will always be something unique to experience. There’s plenty of reasons to like them, but then you see things like this it raises some strange flags and the need to make fun of them on a blog.

Like this whack ass attempt at sounding cool with awkward shorthand and abbreviated words that looks as if it was written by a teenager strung out on adderall while texting and trying to sound like totes professional about it and stuff. And I quote….

“Looking for an exciting, fun working environment?

McMenamins is now hiring at multiple locations, multiple positions available and range from entry level to management. We have both seasonal and long term opportunities. Qualified apps must have an open and flex sched, including, days, eves, wknds and holidays. We are looking for applicants who enjoy working in a busy customer service-oriented enviro. We offer opps for advancement and excellent benefits for eligible employees, including med, chiro, dental and so much more! Please apply online 24/7 at www.mcmenamins.com or pick up a paper app at any McMenamins location. Mail to 430 N. Killingsworth, Portland OR 97217 or fax: 503-221-8749. Call 503-952-0598 for info on other ways to apply. Please no phone calls or emails to individual locs! E.O.E.”

I know having a flex sched and chiro is a pretty tempting offer, but I’m also not convinced that communicating like some kind of lunatic is a very sound strategy for attracting people to fill your inevitably high employee turnover rate. And yes, if you’re wondering I applied.