Standing in the Bright Shadows

At first glance you may think this video is just another pretty face covering pop songs on YouTube.



Except, this is the person who actually wrote all of these songs, and a bunch of other Top 40 hits. Her name is Bonnie Mckee, and to me she is the epitome of pop music. A formula driven recipe for the music we love to hate, and hate to love.

Bonnie is a classically trained musician who has been in the business since she was a teen. She obviously has the talent (actually knowing how to play an instrument and sing in tune) and is going for the look, so why isn’t she just trying to be a pop-star in her own right.

Oh, wait apparently she is…

After doing some googling I found a few people’s theories and opinions on her career choices and the music industry in general. I’d add my own half-baked theories, but there’s no sense in beating a dead horse. Pop music does a thorough job of that on their own.

I can only imagine what the writing process is like for these type of songs. It’s probably somewhere in-between blissful ignorance, zany celebrity antics, and constantly fighting the urge of putting a gun to your head.

Or maybe it’s just all blurred lines roar we can’t stop applause radioactive holy grail wake me up safe and sound summertime sadness get lucky. Who knows…


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